PROMEGA Heavy Duty Structural Profiles


ProMEGA is a new design product line that provides fast and reliable system solution in every application where heavy construction pipelines and equipment are required, also suspension and support constructions.

Fast and reliable installation is possible with the guide bolts which do not require welding manufacturing in the site area. Through self-opening bolts of their own teeth on the profile, extra nut does not require the use of other products, and provides high resistance to vibration dissolution.

ProMega standard coating has hot dip galvanized profile system, when used as a whole, can provide over 50% product and workmanship advantages over conventional solutions.




  • Quick and easy installation with self- threading bolt.
  • No welding process and reusable after disassembly.
  • Lightweight and strong design due to section form.
  • Connection in three-axis.
  • Long lasting due to high quality with hot dip galvanzed coating.
  • Production at factory level
  • Optimum solution with engineering service.
  • Compatible with all LINK products.



Click on the symbol for the installation video of our ProMEGA Heavy Duty Structure Profiles.